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The Spring 2015 Raleigh Classic Car Auction is Coming!

June 19-20, 2015

Join us June 19-20 for the next Raleigh Classic Car Auction.
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Our Top Seven Classic Car Hood Ornaments

hood ornament
The beauty of classic cars is that you stumble across unique items you’ve never heard of. Sure, you have the Studebakers, the Packards, and the Tuckers, which are the entry-level novelty brands. But once you really begin delving into the classics,...

How to Photograph Your Classic Car

You love your car. You want to shout from the mountaintops. But when a picture is worth a thousand words, why shout a thousand times? Your throat would get really sore. A better idea would be to learn how to do classic car photography. Before...

The Art of Naming Your Car: 5 Steps

Name Tag
Your car is special. Out of the millions that exist, you chose it. That, or it was handed down to you. Maybe you lucked into it. By virtue of its age, not a lot of people have what you have. And anything that special deserves a name.

Expert Business Travel Tips

Does your work travel schedule have you landing in NY on Tuesday, stopping by Chicago on Wednesday, and circling back through St. Louis on Thursday only to end up at a meeting in Seattle by Friday morning? Avoid travel whiplash and maybe even relax (a little) on your next trip by following these business travel tips from the experts at Business Insider.