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How To Ask Your Spouse For a Classic Car Budget

raleigh classic couple
Owning a classic car is a lifelong dream for many. It’s a very emotional process and often involves a deep love for the car that you choose. For this reason, a conflict can arise with the other great love in your life: your significant other. As you devote more and more time, energy, money and love into your car, your s.o. might feel neglected and resentful. What to do? Navigate this strait of relational strife with our guide.

The World’s Four Rarest Cars

1954 olds
There are many vehicles across the globe that come with exorbitant price tags or boast of great rarity. Only a few can be considered truly exclusive, and we at Raleigh Classic honor a few of the rarest cars in the world today. Here is a list of four by order of their rarity, not cost.

Ken Block’s Super Sixties Mustang

Block, best known as a founding member of Hoonigan Racing and for his many high-rev, drift-heavy shenanigans caught on film, was recently spied working on Gymkhana 7, the latest in the series.

How to Protect Your Car During Long-Term Storage

garage storage unit
Many car drivers use their vehicle every day, but from time to time it's necessary to consider long-term storage. Some people don't use their car over the winter months or need to leave the country for a while, and this means that it's time to store...

2014 Winter Raleigh Classic

This December 2014 marks the 20th Raleigh Classic and we are most appreciative of all the support and loyalty so many of you have shown throughout the years.