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The Good Ole' Days: 1962

1962 was the year that the United States established the Navy SEALs. Mister X defeated Verne Gagne for the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship in ‘62. It was also the year that gasoline cost 31 cents per gallon.

What is that Old Boy Saying?

“250, 250, I have 250, will you make it 350? 250 for 250, 250 for 250, I have 250 looking for 350, 350, 350, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I have 350, I have 350, will some’ne gimme 400, 400,” etc.

A Father, a Son, and Their 1951 Chrysler New Yorker

father and son
At the start, Jack Auerbach wonders aloud what he would have talked to his father about if they didn’t have cars. Together, father and son were an aspiring long-distance rally team, and Jake says that it was through cars and racing that he and his dad became best friends.

2014 Winter Raleigh Classic

This December 2014 marks the 20th Raleigh Classic and we are most appreciative of all the support and loyalty so many of you have shown throughout the years.