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The 2015 Winter Raleigh Classic Approaches

If you missed out on the 2015 Summer Raleigh Classic, don’t sweat it, the 2015 Winter Raleigh Classic is only a few months away.

How To Photograph Your Classic Car

You love your car. You want to shout from the mountaintops. But when a picture is worth a thousand words, why shout a thousand times? Your throat would get really sore. A better idea would be to learn how to do classic car photography.

How to Register a Classic Car in North Carolina

In a previous post, we discussed how old a car must be in order to be considered classic or antique. Today we’ll talk about how to acquire titles and registration for your classic vehicle.

How To Upgrade The Stereo In Your Classic Car

One of the most-coveted and trickiest upgrades to execute in a classic car is its audio system. Unlike projects like upholstery or exterior paint, the wiring of your car’s existing system can vary tremendously based on the car’s maker. Depending on age, your car might be equipped for AM radio, FM radio, cassette tapes or something more obscure.

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